(10pcs set Mixed) Ekel Ultra Hydrating Essence korea mask sheet
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  • 1 pack 10pcs Sheet, 10 diffirent kinds
  • For All type skin
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10pcsMade in Korea1.Snail: Glittery granted, clear skin, improved trail signs2.Cucumber: skin health, skin vitality, improves skin tone3.SNAKE(Baemdok): improved elasticity, nourishes, clear skin4.Coenzyme Q10: clear skin, skin elasticity, Moisturizing Gloss5.Pearl: hydration, skin vitality, radiance grant6.Green tea: clear skin, skin soothing, skin tone improvement7.Royal Jelly: skin radiance, skin, vitality, skin tone8.Aloe: soothing, nourishing, strengthening the skin barrier9.Placenta: improve skin health, nutrition, facial skin10.Vitamin: clear skin, nutrition, skin tone11.Collagen: skin vitality, soothing, improving facial skin12.Pomegranate: estrogen, anti-aging13.Ginseng: hydration, nutrition, give it shine14. Egg: egg white masks to get toned and flawless skin.15: Charcoal : Powerful purifying and pore care of charcoal. Fourmulated with plant extracts replenishes moisture and soothes skin16. Aronia : The Moisturizer and softener make your skin healthy, energetic and clean with enough moisture and nutrition.Korean Natural Beauty Essence Facial Mask Sheet, Moisture Face Mask Pack * Condition : 100% Brand New in Box* Formulation : Pack* Skin type : All skin* Target Area : Face * Capacity : 1 Sheets* Free Shipping* Expiration Date : 30 Months after the manufacturing date* Brand Name : EKEL Cosmetics(Made in Korea)* Attention : - Please do not use it if you have a scar on your face. - Keep it away from children.[ekel]Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask PackFacial Snail Mask SheetsKorea Cosmetics + This is a high quality made in KOREA [SEOUL].0p韩国的ekel面膜此款面膜有13个种类,可以满足您各种需要 .1、蜗牛精华面膜贴:滋润皮肤,弹力新生,防止干燥,细腻肌肤。2、黄瓜精华面膜贴:美白、活肤。镇定。3.蛇毒精华面膜贴:高保湿,紧致排毒,去痘印,坚持使用能使肌肤水油平衡,修复痘痘,雀斑等暗疮。4、辅酶Q10精华面膜贴:改善松弛,细纹,暗沉,干燥,补水,美白,亮肤。5、珍珠精华面膜贴:美白,保湿。6、绿茶精华面膜贴:净化毛孔,去黄,排毒。7、蜂胶精华面膜贴:抗氧化,消炎,滋养。8、芦荟精华面膜贴:细腻肌肤,促进肌肤新陈代谢。9、胎盘精华面膜贴保湿抗皱,修复新生,减少细纹。10、维他命精华面膜贴:富含维C,活肤,亮肤。11、胶原蛋白精华面膜贴:紧致肌肤,弹力美肤12、红石榴精华面膜贴:滋润,补水,提亮肤色。13、红参精华面膜贴:防止皮肤粗糙,滋润及保湿,去粉刺。14、雞蛋: 皮肤柔润和除皱等功效。15、碳: 去除毛細毛內灰塵
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