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  • Aloe Full Water Activating Emulsion 150ml + 30ml

A moisturizing & balancing facial emulsion Features a non-sticky, fast-absorbing texture Contains aloe vera to deliver moisture & nutrition Improves skin texture while maintaining its balance Leaves skin soft, bright & healthy looking Ideal for dry to normal skin

  • Aloe full Water Activating Toner 150ml + 30ml

Moist Toner for instant moisturizing and soothing
Aloe containing toner moisturizes dry skin immediately.
soothes irritated skin and locks in moisture overtime.

  • Aloe Full Water Activating Cream 50ml

Intense Moisture Cream recharges the skin's hydration level Concentrated aloe, chamomile and collagen containing intense moisture cream helps quench skins thirst as it delivers moisture deep into the skin.


It is a cleansing foam that helps to make healthy and clean skin
by removing wastes from the skin with rich foam and nature-friendly ingredients.
It cleanly removes wastes from the skin and balances the oil
and moisture to make the skin moist and healthy without tightness.
Contains collagen to make the skin lively.

  • Waterproof mascara gives the length of each eyelash and creates a panoramic, expressive look.Lays evenly, without lumps and does not crumble during the day.
  • Contains hydrolyzed collagen, which has a moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing effect.
  • Mascara has a caring effect, strengthens and improves the elasticity of eyelashes.
  • Rich, creamy foam removes all the wastes from the pores without irritation.
  • It keeps the dull skin clear and moist.
  • It is foam cleansing that keeps skin moist and supple even after cleansing.
  • Premium Jeju Mt horse oil’s deep and thick moisturizing effect around the eyes create tightbrighter skin
  • It is an functional eye cream you can you just for your eye areas for whitening and wrinkles.
  • Made in Korea
  • Extra Moisture Skin Toner (150ml)+ 30ml : It contains hydrorized collagen, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol and makes skin clean and moisturized.
  • Extra Moisture Emulsion (150ml)+ 30ml : It keeps balance of oil and water, It's absorbed into skin quickly and keeps skin glossy and soft.
  • Extra Moisture Cream (50g) : It contains natural moisturizing nutrients such as aminoic acid and saccharide, it is absorbed into skin deeply and nourish skin.

Allantoin that provides Moisture to the skin keeps skin soft and betaine takes care of your pores and keeps skin moisturized. Seawater content provides moisture and nutrition to the skin.

  • 1 set 10pcs , you can choose 10pcs Mixed or flavor
  • Made in Korea
  • Fast Delivery, Local Seller
  • 100% contton