3W Clinic (2pcs set) UV Sunblock Cream UVA Protection
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Product details of 3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF50 PA+++ 70ml

This soft type cream sunblock is very easy to use and spreads evenly all over the face (and body). It gives a subtle smooth finish which makes it ideal as a make-up base. It's moisturizing component provides water on the face keeping it moist

This sunblock also contain aloe extract which relieves skin irritation and protects it from skin troubles while making facial skin healthy. It also comes with a high SPF 50 PA+++, which will guard your skin against the damaging UV rays of the sun.

How to use:
After your basic care routine, take a moderate amount on your finger and apply on parts of the face and body that are exposed to the sun. Start from the center then spread it towards the outer corners of the face. Re-apply as needed

種類: 防曬霜
功效: 保護皮膚免受紫外線的傷害。 [ SPF50/PA + + ]
膚質: 所有膚質
產地: 韓國
主要成分: 水, EthylhexylMethoxycinnamate ,氧化鈦, 1.3-丁二醇, 4 - 甲基亞芐基樟腦,碳酸二辛,蜂蠟,鯨蠟硬脂醇二硬脂酸酯聚甘油3Methylglucose的,硬脂醇,辛酸/癸酸甘油三酯,甘油硬脂酸,聚二甲基矽氧烷,尼泊金甲酯,醋酸生育酚,水解;膠原蛋白,黃原膠,葉提取蘆薈Barbansis ,桑樹皮提取物,紅參提取物,對羥基苯甲酸丙酯,乙酸二鈉 - EDTA
容量/數量: 70ml

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