AHC Flash Whitening Cream 30ml
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Whitening, Wrinkle improvement, UV protection Triple functional

1. light up your skin with the effect of skin correction

: It corrects dark and dullness of the skin brightly, and brightens the face like a light on the face.

2. The color of the natural color of the calamine ingredient shines naturally

: The natural pink color of the calamine ingredient that helps to protect the skin adds radiance to the skin and helps to naturally shine skin.

3. 5 in 1 (skin tone correction+eye care+whitening+wrinkle improvement+UV protection)

: A single tone-up cream that corrects skin tone correction + eye care + whitening + wrinkle improvement + UV protection 5 functions at once and shines radiant skin at any angle.

A 粉色 ( Pink )
The pink-colored bottom is quite flaming, with a light pink hue that can be used to decorate dark circles.
At the same time, if the skin is colder and whiter, use a pink base.
Can also increase the color of the face

B 紫色 ( Purple )
Purple The most common base cream is purple, which can modify the color of the skin's sallow. Therefore, if the skin is obviously dull and yellow, it is recommended to choose a purple base primer to reproduce the complexion.

C 綠色
Green Many women have acne scars and sensitive skin redness problems, most often in the cheeks, noses, etc., and the foundation is quite difficult to cover. At this time, it is recommended to use a green base primer to easily reduce the redness of the skin. "In the way of using the base milk, in addition to the foundation before the makeup, the entire face is thinly applied; but because the skin of each area will encounter different states, the more advanced usage is to They are used in combination. It is like using green on the cheeks and noses, red eyes, pink eyes on the eyes, pink on the corners of the mouth and purple lines, and then lightly applying the paste to the seat that needs to be covered. Sponge or hands push away, you can finish all the enamel finish; then use liquid foundation or air cushion powder, not only can save the amount of foundation, but also make the foundation more natural and thin.

Ingredients: Calamine, lavender water, rosemary leaf water

AHC 升級新版五合一素顏霜/三色


️ #粉色立即潤色效果,好像天生擁有的好皮膚,而且兼具美白、改善皺紋、防紫外線等多功能
️ #綠色皮膚鎮定效果、適合痘痘肌膚使用, 適合經常泛紅的敏感肌,與容易有痘痘困擾的油性 肌,有效修飾泛紅肌膚
️ #紫色保濕補水成分升級!