Lameila Disposable Non Woven Stripe Hair Net Medical Shower Bath Shower Cap
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Shower Cap
Bouffant size
Multi use
Shower, Conditioning, Processing

- Length : 200mm±3mm
- Width : 24mm±3mm
- Elastic band length: 400mm±3mm
- Comfortable caps feature an elastic band opening that easily covers all the hair styles.
- Made of PP Spunbond Non-woven fabric.
- Prevent dander shedding
- White and Blue colour only.
- Design: Elastic all around at edge, in mushroom shape
- Ductility, stability and good ventilation.
- Storage: Stored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse
1. Made of excellent spunbound non-woven material.
2. Breathable ,light weight, non-absorbent, durability, economical, elegant and good looking.
3. Environmental protection and easy relaxed.
4. Complete hair covering made from soft comfortable,thermally boned light.
5. It is compactly folded in strip easily open to shape
1. Comfortable breathable material unique two elastic design convenience put on
2. High quality rubber tie design: Using high quality rubber band,excellent elasticity, durable, prevent hair falling to avoid possible troubles.
3. High quality non-woven fabric: choose high quality non-woven fabric,wear resistant, light and difficult deformation.
4. Clean free, easy to carry: disposable free maintenance,humanized design,comfortable to wear, easy to carry.

1. 沐浴後取下掛起晾乾即可
2. 請避光,避高溫保存