ON THE BODY Perfume Shower Body Wash 500ml
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6 Flavor available:
1. Happy Breeze
2. Sweet Love
3. Nature Garden
4. Violet Dream
5. Classic Pink
6. Orange Fantasia

Rich fragrance just like taking a shower with perfume and soft bubble like silk. Awaken the hidden sense and deliver wonderful and exotic fragrances of the nature with differentiated delicate touch. A gentle refreshing and soft foam body wash that keeps your skin as healthy as possible. It makes your shower time more enjoyable, leaving your skin fresh, clean, silky smooth, white, and long-lasting perfumed and moisturized.

使用方法: 取適量,兩手搓揉使其產生泡沫後塗抹在微濕的身體上,以清水洗淨即可。亦可搭配沐浴球達到最佳效果。

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