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Xiashilan Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

Size: 500ml

75% Alcohol

  • The crystal capsules that present your skin natural and transparent manage your skin tone and correct your skin tone to natural color.

  • Also this new concept all-in-one functional cc cream contains snail slime filtrate to strengthen the elasticity of the skin and intensively manage the sensitive skin to make moist and firm skin.


  • Skin tone correction to natural color

  • Radiating and shining skin

  • New concept cream with skin care function and make up function.

  • Safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin.
  • No more painful or smelly hair removal methods.
  • No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns.
  • It only cleans once and effectively cleans everything from the base to make-up and waste products and strengthens the moisture barrier, providing a moisturizing effect that does not pull after washing.
  • The water base of the skin-like molecules cleanses the skin gently and mildly without irritating sensitive skin.
  • Hot spring water rich in minerals strengthens the moisture barrier and helps calm sensitive skin.

YNM Multi Effect Sun Cream is a combination of physical and chemical sunscreen, which contains both physical sunscreen ingredients and chemical sunscreen ingredients, effectively isolates ultraviolet rays and effectively protects the skin from UVA and UVB damage.

  • The product is extracted from milk and peach to help hands soft and elastic, against the aging process.
  • Provide essential nutrients, maintain moisture to the skin always smooth.
  • A light, non-greasy cream formula that works great even on dry skin.
  • Pleasant aroma, brings instant softness and relaxation.
  • Moisture Milk (white box): milk extract
  • Fresh Pink Peach (pink box): Peach extract
  • After washing your hands, take adequate amounts of cream and apply along the skin texture so that it cold be absorbed onto the skin well.
  • Please cooperate with a specialist, when the side effects are appeared like red spot, swell up, or itchy in use or alter the use.
  • Please avoid the use on the wound or etc.
  • Precautions for storage and handling.
  • Store in a place out of reach of children or a place from avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Sharp blade for easy, clean sharpening.
  • 1 hole Size: 2.8cm x 2.1cm x 1.4cm
  • 2 hole Size: 2.8cm x 4.2cm x 1.4cm
  • Square
  • Size: 52x42.5x33cm (75L) or 50x 50x 40cm (100L)
  • Weight: 300g
  • Material: Cotton and Linen