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The most popular and best aloe Vera soothing gen, over 1.5 million units sold
Aloe Vera extracts 100%
For all skin types
Moisturizing for firmer and healthier skin


A peeling pack for smooth and soft feet.
This peeling pack makes your feet soft and smooth
by removing piled up kerbic, and supplying moisture and nourishment.

  • bubble mud pack that provides pore cleaning and black head removal
  • The carbonated bubbles gently massage the pores.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 100% Original
  • Made in Korea

3 Color Available 

  • 01 Grey + Brown
  • 02 Brown + Light Brown
  • 03 Light Brown Grey

3 Eyebrow Shape Included

  • Korea Style Shape x 1 pcs
  • One Style Shape x 1 pcs
  • Nature Style Shape x 1pcs
  • 1 set 11 pair eyebrow sticker
  • Waterproof 
  • easy to use
  • 100% new high quality.
  • Facial Cleansing Brush Silicone Brush with double sides to clean skin.
  • Exfoliate, refine pores, massage skin, deeply clean skin. - Dual brush head design, controllable change, meet different requirements.


  • Luvilady Feminine Inner Cleanser is a health beauty item that manages not only the beauty but also the inexplicable distress in me. 
  • Resolves odor and secretion troubles, helps to manage elasticity, protects from bacteria with weak acidity. 
  • This rose scent inner cleanser contains natural rosemary oil, which helps improve memory and concentration, is a popular scent for woman who are always stressed and tired.
  • It also contains sunflower seed oil, which has the ability to soften and emulsify the skin, maintains and protects skin moisture.
  • Included QR Code  Verification
  • Female perfume for undies.
  • 6 Vegetable oils that nourished skin & keep it healthy oils that nourished skin & keep it healthy.
  • Prevent vaginitis & reduce harmful bacteria.
  • Get rid of period odour.
  • Allergy Free.
Get rid of unpleasant smell during physical and physiological periods
Add 11 kinds of plant ingredients to maintain skin health in privacy
Designated maintenance items for Korea Beauty
Solve menstrual awkwardness and make you the perfect woman
No added allergens, alcohol, artificial colors

Uses: Clean and private places to relieve skin discomfort and cover up body odor.

To use: Spray directly on the vulva or tampon.
  • Foellie Inner Perfume Protect Gel is a product that helps protect your private area from the bacteria that cause inflammation, while also rejuvenating ruddy, smooth and deodorized skin.
  • Usage: Before sex: use blue gel masaage 3-5 minutes and rinse with clean water. Then apply a pink gel to the private area to stimulate and heat the genital area, increasing the warmth for easier sex.
  • Product size : 197*197*93mm (folded) 197*197*975mm (extension)
  • Pink and White Color
  • USB Battery Recharage and Power cord adapter

This mask provides the best solution for anti-aging! 24K Gold Leaf: Promotes anti-oxidant effects. Collagen: Lifts and sculpts for a supple, youthful appearance.

Oat Kernel Extract: Optimal and immediate lifting. Lipogen®Q10: Actives skin regeneration and increases elasticity. *Aesthetic medicine-grade, pregnant ladies or those who have done microshaping can use it with ease

  • 24K Gold & Collagen Wrinkless Eye Mask. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet and signs of ageing for firmer looking skin and a more even contour.
  • In as little as 15 minutes, fine, dry lines are visibly plumped and eyes are left refreshed and radiant.

1. Spiral silica gel brush head, 360 degree uniform package paste, naturally stretching each fine short eyelash.

2. The cool black double formula makes your lashes thicker and thicker.

3. Waterproof and anti-perspiration, rubbing eyes is not easy to make up.

4. Remove makeup and skin, and wipe clean easily.


Get a thicker, more dramatic eyelash with gecomo mascara.

It has 3 incredible combinations, which make the eyelashes thicker, 100% waterproof and without any blobs.

You 'll be more confident with this mascara that gives you a thicker, curlier look, which will sustain your appearance.

  • Capacity : 500ml
  • 75% Alcohol
  • Disposable Hand Gel 
  • Serum 30ml+30ml + Mask sheets 3EA
  • Dark Spot Serum
  • Made in Korea
  • Dual-Function Cosmetic Product for Skin Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Care 
  • Function: Helps to Brighten the Skin Tone and Improve Wrinkles

Nourishing cream that helps improve complex skin concerns cause by urban environments. It covers skin with a moisturizing layer that has a butter-like texture which almost melts on skin.


– No more pain on your scalp from detangling your hair the unique shaped and plastic bristles work to separate the hair sideways instead of down

– Deluxe Detangling Hair Brush will never dig into the scalp or rip out hair like other brushes. It takes out tangles without yanking or hurting. Less Hair Loss and Hair Breakage

– The detangling Hair Brush can help you minimize breakage and hair loss & split ends. Say goodbye to ripping out hair and damage to the strands of hair.

  • PH weak acidic body wash to use with fragile skin! Grain water containing rice bran water makes the skin mild
  • For those who want a mild shower with a mild powdery foam. pH weak acidity
  • 7 FREE formula can be used by the whole family.