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  • SIZE: 39.5 x 29.8 x 20.4CM
  • MATERIAL: High quality ABS COLOR: pink,white (please see the picture, it only have little difference)
  • ANTI DUST COVER PROTECT MAKEUP - The most different from other makeup organizer is the anti-dust lid. It will keep your makeups, cosmetics clean from dust, and the dust cover was dual way open, super handy to put in and take out your beauty accessories

Japan brand lace floral transparent socks

Color: black, white, light gray

Size: 22~24 cm Material: nylon, cotton, other

Origin: japanese brand,

  • 1 Box 3 Pair
  • Occasion: Party, Cocktail, Everyday
  • Features: Soft Long Sparse Lashes, Feel Comfortable, Handmade False Eyelashes, Transparent Infarction
  • 1. Battery : need 4pcs AA Battery

    2. USB: USB Cable Adapter.

  • Size: 27x17cm(L*W)
  • Light source: LED
  • Led quantity: 22led
  • Battery: 4x AA battery( not included)

Brand Name: Marian
Product Name: Magic Speed Eyelash Curler
Specifications: 1 pack
Suitable for skin type: all skin types
Shelf life: 5 years
Outer box packaging: plastic box
Size: 2.2cm * 10cm
Note: Do not place children in easy access!


Masil~5 good bacteria shampoo blue bottle - moisture abundance

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (light green bottle - silky soft)

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (pink bottle - shine color protection)

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (dark green bottle - refreshing exfoliating )

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (purple bottle)

  • It absorbs quickly without stickiness to the hair, helping to keep damaged and rough hair smooth and glossy.

It is a hair oil that helps to moisturize and supply moisture to the hair and give it elasticity.
It is quickly absorbed into the hair without stickiness and keeps damaged and rough hair soft and shiny.

  1. The bubble tick reduces the temperature of the scalp and removes bad odours. Controls oil and relieves the scalp from irritation. Crackling sounds can be heard when you press with your hand/ massage it into your scalp. 
  2. Helps to promote hair growth, by improving and strengthening the scalp.

MASIL protein balm is made up of 9 types of protein extracts and ingredients like, hydrolysed collagen, hydrolysed wheat protein, hydrolysed soy protein and all these helps to reject thermal heat damage! Google up these ingredients and you'll know how beneficial it is! This balm can be applied like an AFTER SHOWER conditioner that NEED NOT be rinse off. Right after your shower and before drying/ styling your hair, apply an adequate amount and we promise the results will be why you'll come back for more! You'll LOVE this, we promise!


Fixes hair style quickly and lightly.
Step 1 : Formation of a nourishing coating film inside the hair.
Step 2 : Hair Fix Dual Flex.
Step 3 : Fixing power + lasting power + volume + fragrance.
The 3-step powerful fixer solution is absorbed inside and outside the hair, helping to give the hair a healthy and voluminous style.

  • Improves blood flow and circulation by stimulating the scalp


Specification: 26x8.5x4cm

Material: Beech wood+ABS+rubber

Shelf life: normal use

Supply: Parallel input abroad

Place of Origin: South Korea

Masil Wood Paddle Brush

  • Put KANU Latte 1pcs in about 50 ~ 100ml of hot water and melt it.
  • 30 stick per box
  • without Sugar
  • In Korea's popular MayIsland Bernice mask.
  • Essence facial mask moist chewy skin Guide, is introduced.
  • The fine-grained, soft seat high quality essences plenty

Air negative ion generator for health protection

Device Size: 120 x 210 x 65mm


Cable Leght : 1.5 Meter

Pink & White Color

  • 1 bottle
  • Rinse or Shampoo
  • Made in Korea