Farm Stay Korea Mask Sheet (10pcs 10 kinds)
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10pcs send (10 kinds mask sheet) Random
1. SNAIL-The snail mucus extract with EGF ingredient recover your skin effectively and keep your skin nutrition plentiful. The natural aloe-vera extract sooth exhausted skin. Sufficient moisture supplying make healthy skin.

2. COLLAGEN-Hydrolyzed collagen skin has a high affinity and prepares to light skin there is elasticity giving your skin rough and tired. Collagen and promotes regeneration of skin from has the effect of activating the metabolism of skin cells and improve immune function.

3. ALOE-Long time ago the aloe is folk remedy, the aloe is a treatment of inflammatory disorders, promote the cirulation of the blood. Help cellular reconstruction and promote discharging waste from the skin. The phlegmatic polysaccharide in aloe is long humectant with Antioxidants.

4. GREEN TEA-The polyphenol that is a kind catechi in green tea keeps your skin clean by soothing skin and giving astringent effect from blocking off harmful oxygen.

5. CUCUMBER-The cucumber has much moisture and kalium ingredient. The cucumber cool down and relax stimilated skin under ultraviolet rays. Specially, the cucumber is good discharge natrium from human body and stabilize blood pressure.

6. COENZYME Q10-"Q10" Keek your skin moist with helping skin-turnover,"Q10" Keeps your skin vital with supply water and nourishment. a coenzyme is a substance that works with an enzyme to initiate adenosine triphosphate or aid the function of the enzyme.

7. RED GINSENG-Red Ginseng massage pack, containing extracts of Red ginseng and several cosmetic ingredients, nourishes and leaves your face and providing your rough and tired skin with pleasant softness and resilience.

8. VITAMINContains Vitamin essence to enhance skin clarity and improve skin health. It richly moisturizes and clarifies skin, and cares for damaged skin and prevents dehydration, leaving skin silky and smooth.

9. PEARL-High grade pearl extract keep your skin soft and moist. The amino acid and the mineral in the pearl makes your skin bightly with whiteing effect.

10. POTATO -Potato mask pack that is containing potato extract moisturize skin damaged by UV rays immediately, Whiten tanned skin, Nutritional contents make your skin feel soft and smooth.

11. SEAWEED-Skin, Seaweed mask rich in minerals you need pack a large amount of water is supplied to the dry skin moist and smooth skin elasticity and increase oxygen to the skin cells, dark and dull skin to life giving vitality and radiance of a healthy grant will restore the skin.
12. SNAKE-The snake ingredient that is good skin wrinkle keep your tightly stretched. The herb complex ingredient sooth tired skin and make skin water retention power higher.
13. STEM CELL-Stem cell mask pack, containing extracts of plant stem cell and several cosmetic ingredients, nourishes and leaves your face a bright and healthy complexion, deeply moisturiaing your face and providing you rough and tired skin with pleasant softnes #mask