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Masil 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask 200ml / Liquid Hair Mask / Masil 3 Salon CMC Hair Shampoo 300ml / Travel Pack
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[MASIL] 8 Seconds Liquid Hair Mask - 200ml


A new mask for intensive nourishment and restoration of damaged structure.
It will give the hair elasticity, shine and strength.
A liquid mask, which, when mixed with water, acquires a creamy texture and completely envelops the hair, giving silkiness and shine.
Convenient to use, does not require long-term exposure and saves you time.


[How to use]

Apply the product to clean, damp hair (excluding roots and scalp), after a light massage, rinse with warm water.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 200ml


Masil 8 Second Salon Hair Mask:
Eight seconds of speed hair treatment, the texture will magically turned from watery to creamy, makes your hair smooth and silky in no time. Trendy "Black Technology" hair mask from Korea, which is perfect for busy urbanites who care for their hair!

Product Features:
 Contains 16 plant ingredients, including glycyrrhiza glabra, tea, lavender, lemon, centella, orange, ginkgo and other extracts, repair damaged hair, smooth hair tips, make it always soft and charming.
 Contains dual proteins, including hydrolyzed collagen protein and hydrolyzed collagen silk protein, filled with scales to enhance hair elasticity.
 The transparent essence can directly contact the scalp and become thick cream texture, which instantly penetrates into the hair.

how to use
After cleansing the hair, apply an appropriate amount of hair mask evenly on the hair. After eight seconds, rinse off with water.

MASIL 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampo:
Instead of nutrients from the damaged hair, 17 kinds of amino acids fill the hair and Ceramide, a component similar to natural sebum, coats between the hair tissues to prevent the hair from crumbling and restore the damaged hair condition. It maintains the balance of the scalp with weakly acidic pH composition. It helps to control the ion balance which is roughly tangled and tired by frequent chemical treatment. It gives rich moisturizing and smooth shine after shampoo with soft foam.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount of wet hair, massage lightly on the hair, then rinse thoroughly.

Weight or Volume: 300ml
Product Main Specifications: All hair types
Manufacturing Country: Imported From Korea

Masil Hair Mask




Masil Shampoo:

韓國頂級 Masil 瑪絲蘭這次出了新品啦 在家也能享有頂級沙龍洗護髮的感受
CMC是什麼? 是存在於毛麟和皮毛質之間的細胞膜複合體,可阻擋外界物理及化學刺激緊鎖水分及養分,防止流失。

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