Lameila Eyebrow Razor / Cutter
Price RM2.00
Product SKU 0055
Brand Lameila

1. Made of stainless steel, the edge of the blade is soft and sharp, with safe net on the top, safe to use and not easy to scratch the skin.
2. Design unique transparent case according to the shape of top of the trimmer, not easy to scratch and protect the trimmer top from easy falling.
3. Exquisite workmanship, safe to use, anti-bacterial and clean.
4. Double anti-skid design conforms to the ergonomics, easy to use with comfortable grip.
5. Light and small, easy to carry, an essential to eyebrows trimming.
6. Can be used to trim extra eyebrows as well as shape eyebrows
1. Product Name: Eyebrow Trimmer
2. Material: stainless steel (trimmer head), ABS
3. Product color: random
4. Product specifications: 1 pcs
5. Suitable for: female
Using Skills:
1. Find the right position of the brow, brow ridge and brow tip, which helps to easily determine the eyebrow shape.
2. Draw the outline of the eyebrow according to your face, and trim the excess hair around.
This product can only be used to trim eyebrows and facial hairs; can not be used for other purposes. Before use this product, apply some soap or special lubricant on the skin, since dry shaving will have a certain pain. Please wash up the tool after use, and let it get dry naturally. Do not wipe the trimmer head directly with your hands or other items. Please avoid children contacting tool products for safety.