MBA Volume Eyelash Derma Ampoule 6ml Mba浓密卷翘纤长睫毛增生精华液
Price RM39.00
Product SKU 0862
Brand Korea Brand
Size (L x W x H) 11 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm
Availability 11

Weight or Volume : 6ml
Product Main Specifications : All Skin Types

Usage Time (Usage time after opening) : At least 30 months .The exact date of expiry is difficult to mark since it frequently restock . 

Directions of Use    : 
Apply the content sufficiently over the brush and gently apply from the root to the end of eyelashes. It can be used before daily makeup, and it is even better to provide nutrients if applied before a sleep. It is also effective for thinning eyebrows and hairline.

MBA Volume Eyelash Derma Ampoule (6ml) 鱼腥草浓密睫毛增生液安瓶

原理在于 MBA睫毛增长液,使用黄金比例成分 (2:1:1)