AHC B5 Hyaluronic Toner (100ml) ACH
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A.H.C. Hyaluronic Toner (100ml)

A toner in gel form which contains moisturizing ingredient Hyaluronic acid. It provides intense hydration to your skin, which can be penetrated to your skin quickly. Skin dryness can be reduced. Your skin will be supple and transparent.

Multiple effects:
 Intense hydration: The formula contains hyaluronic acid, which provides high moisturizing effects. Moisture can be penetrated to the deep layer of your skin.
 Soothing and calming: The formula contains lavender extract, which soothes and calms your skin. Its also suitable for sensitive skin.
 Removing impurities: The formula contains barley leaf. It helps remove the ances and impurities.

how to use
Use after cleansing. Apply appropriate amount on face.

 Hyaluronic acid: Highly moisturizes your skin.
 Lavender extract: Soothes and calms your skin.
 Ginseng: Provides anti-oxidant protections, resists damages from free radicals.
 Barley Leaf: Removes ances and impurities.