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YNM You Need Me Rainbow Honey / Candy Honey Lip Balm 3.2g / Cica Bubble Lip Scrub (Included QR Code)
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How To Use

Apply the lip balm from the center to outwards, naturally filling in your lips

Volume 3.2g

Notes on use

If you use cosmetics in the following over, the same shall stop using, please consult a dermatologist if symptoms are worsening because continued use.

If there are abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, and irritation while using.

If there is more than the above by the site of application in direct sunlight.

Do not use in areas with abnormalities such as wounds, eczema and dermatitis.

Storage and Handling Precautions.

Make sure that you always close the cap after use.

Keep out of the reach of infants and children, and consult a doctor immediately if swallowed.

Do not store in hot or cold places and direct sunlight.

Close the cap will be stored in a cool place does not shine daylight after use.

人手必備的YNM變色唇膏~ 膏體呈淡黃色 ,塗到嘴巴上會隨著唇部的溫度而變換!顏色素顏塗完全可以hold住
含有澳洲堅果粹取物、蜂蜡、綉花果籽油等成分, 塗抹時能令雙唇滋潤豐盈,

YNM Cica Bubble Lip Scrub

It helps deep cleanse the old dead skin cells and colored lip makeup with fine micro bubbles.
It contains 84% of naturally derived ingredients, so it is safe for the lips.
Provides pleasant lip care with a fresh grapefruit scent.

How to Use

Pump up an appropriate amount of the product, apply it all over the lips, and wait until the bubbles disappear completely.
After the product has dried, gently push it with your fingers to remove dead skin cells.

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