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  • #Acerola & Blueberry : Simply pump this Herb Day foaming cleanser to cleanse your face

Create a clear, lively complexion

  • Aloe & Green Tea : Simply pump this Herb Day foaming cleanser to cleanse your face
  • Effective cleansing powers for easy removal of simple makeup
    Powerful cleansing properties that removes excess sebum
  • Fresh cleansing without any residual, it removes makeup as well as excess sebum and skin wastes
  • A slightly acidic gel-type cleansing foam with a pH similar to that of the skin to minimize irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Daily low-irritant moisturizing solution :
  • Contains phytosphingosine,moroheiya,birch tree sap and Skin-sync Rx,which helps form a moisture layer to calm dry,sensitive skin.

Option 1: 
Fmgt Oil Control Water Blotting Compact 9g

Soft oil killer pact that refreshes stickiness and shine

How To Use
After taking an appropriate amount to the built-in puff, apply it along the skin texture and pat the entire face lightly to finish.

Option 2:  
Fmgt Oil Control Water Loose Powder 7g

A powder that removes grease while protecting the skin from dryness.
Ultra-fine powder removes oil from the skin and cares for the skin without dullness, making it smooth.
As a multi-powder, it can be used for face, hair, and eye makeup.

  • Body Wash or Lotion can choose
  • 3 fruit flavor can choose

#01. Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Foam 140ml : 2020 NEW

#02. Jeju Volcanic Pore Deep Clean Scrub Foam 140ml : 2020 NEW

  • High moisture moisturising cream that delivers a deeply mild moisturising effect with a formulation containing rice extract, rice bran oil and ceramide, obtained from clean rice.
  • Rice extract of rice paddy rice grown from clean soil and clear water, rice bran oil, and skin-friendly ceramide for milder moisturising.
  • This is a daily foot and heel cream for moisturizing and nutrition.
  • the cream with blended green apple and mint scent will also give you a pleasant feeling
  • Keep your foot soft and moisturized by using this cream every day.
  • A brightening scrub foam leaves skin clean and bright with its fine scrubs and white lather
  • The creamy white foaming cleanser with scrub particles gently removes dead skin cells and makeup residue, leaving skin looking clean and bright.
  • ragrance body mist provides a comforting feel like taking a leisurely walk
    beside a stone wall covered with ivy dampened with morning dew.
  • Deliberately spray over the body after shower.
  • It can be also used as hair perfume spray
  • Ingredients such as elder flower water and panthenol make dry skin feel moisturized and healthy!
  • * Without 5 additives: parabens, tar colorant, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, talc