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TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Bar
Price RM12.00 RM29.90
Product SKU 0251
Brand Korea Brand

Crayon typed gloss bar
Easy handling typed and cutie rabbit shaped gloss bar
Not a lip stick! Texture between lip stick and lip gloss

Never lose your lip balm again. These adorable gloss bars not only look really cute in your purse, they're super hydrating with a delicious fruity scent and glossy sheer finish. We keep each expression of this award-winning lippy around for however you're feeling any given day.
雙唇一向極度乾燥,秋冬我甚少搽唇 膏 ,但其實 膏狀產品效果比lip gloss好, 色出且質地透薄, 又不怕痴頭髮,難得這次遇到便宜又好用、非常合心意的可愛唇膏仔,忍不住要立即跟大家分享喔!

唇彩質地非常易推,水份度極高,沒為意的話還以為自己在搽潤唇膏!!! 唇地真的好潤澤! 另外,它蘊含葡萄糖,能夠即時軟化死皮,我那晚的雙唇是超乾且有硬硬的死皮,塗後真的變軟不少,這憑這點已經值得
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